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A Message from Dan


I am running for Congress because you deserve better. We cannot expect different results in Washington if we continue to send the same people there to represent us. Jim Himes has failed our families, as the economy lags behind and our nation's debt continues to grow. It is time we had a true independent voice to fight for Fairfield County families, not someone like Jim Himes-- who has cozied up to special interest groups and has become a part of the culture of gridlock and corruption in Washington.

Our campaign is going to be something different than the "same old Washington DC" that Jim Himes has come to represent. Our campaign is based on ideas to get our nation back on the right track. I encourage you to explore my overall principles and approach to creating jobs and improving the quality of life for our families, and the contrast between Jim Himes and myself on specific issues our country is facing.

Most importantly, I invite you to join our campaign. If you like what you read, I appreciate anything you care to donate – it will enable us to communicate our message to the 700,000 people in our district. You can also volunteer to help the campaign, join our e-mail list, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or e-mail me if you have a specific question.

I firmly believe we can keep the American Dream alive through the values that have made our nation great for over two centuries. I believe our best days are yet to come, if only we can fix the problems Jim Himes and other entrenched special interests have caused in Washington. If you share my passion for our country but believe that there is a better way, I hope you will join me in this campaign!

All my best,

Dan Debicella.